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Why Run For Treasurer?

Why would anyone want to be the Maricopa County Treasurer? The Treasurer does not set the tax rate or say who should or should not have to pay them, but is the steward that collects, protects, invests and distributes the monies that are appropriated from you. It is an important job and worth doing right.

The County Treasurer's Office is being run poorly and needs new leadership. The partnership with the County Board of Supervisors needs to be strengthened and core operations need to be improved. The current Treasurer is spending far too much time and energy on self-promotion and unrelated politics. I think I can do better.

My time in state government has been dedicated to providing conservative solutions to today's problems and keeping government responsible to the taxpayers. I will commit to doing the duties that are attributed to the Office of the County Treasurer, and keep my focus on those things alone.

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